Sand Hill Road, the road to Silicon Valley through venture capital

There is a short road leading into Stanford University from Interstate 280, named Sand Hill Road. It is home to the world’s top venture capital firms, with big names like Andreessen Horowitz, the Blackstone Group, and Sequoia having roots or headquarters there. Almost all the top Silicon Valley startups and companies were beneficiaries of venture capital on Sand Hill Road at some point, even companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook. Sand Hill Road, and venture capital in general, began to grow in the 90’s, just as when the dot-com boom began. Sand Hill was the go-to place to find … Continue reading Sand Hill Road, the road to Silicon Valley through venture capital

Finding the Best Accelerators in Taiwan

As Taiwan grows to become a great place to start a company, potential startup founders need to look for a good place to begin finding resources and connections. Luckily, Taiwan has an abundance of that being a long time industry leader in hardware design and manufacturing, home to names like Foxconn (Apple’s manufacturing contractor), Acer, Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, and more. However, as the competitive startup industry requires speed and explosive growth, startups often don’t have time to build the experience and find resources when focusing on delivering their product. Thus, enter the world of accelerators, companies whose sole purpose is … Continue reading Finding the Best Accelerators in Taiwan

武術散打最後階段 伊朗金牌大豐收

散打決賽白熱化  伊朗抱回三金一銀

世大運賽事進入倒數階段,武術的散打項目決賽於晚上七點半登場。短短近一個小時,所有賽事都進行完畢:伊朗金牌大豐收,但主要是在男子賽事,60公斤級、70公斤級、80公斤級通通告捷;而唯一的銀牌則由女選手Arezou Salimighalehtak獲得。而中國也不惶多讓,奪下女子60公斤級、男子52公斤級共兩金,還有男子散打60公斤級、80公斤級的兩銀。 Continue reading “武術散打最後階段 伊朗金牌大豐收”

水球比賽落幕 塞爾維亞奪金



今日(30日)是水球比賽最後一天,晉級到最後舞台的8國在國立體育大學綜合體育館劍拔弩張,摩拳擦掌誓言要將獎牌留下。今天進行的賽事共有4場,分別是:英國對上荷蘭、匈牙利對上日本、銅牌戰法國對義大利、冠亞軍賽塞爾維亞對俄羅斯。 Continue reading “水球比賽落幕 塞爾維亞奪金”

《撞球》金牌雙打告捷 台灣四金入袋!



Continue reading “《撞球》金牌雙打告捷 台灣四金入袋!”

Interview with France swimming coach|世大運游泳賽事即將落幕 法國隊教練喊話加油

     In the previous swimming competitions, France did not perform as well as expected. Their last two days of competition include Women’s 400m freestyle and Men’s 4×100 medley relay on August 26th and Women’s Marathon 10km on August 27th. … Continue reading Interview with France swimming coach|世大運游泳賽事即將落幕 法國隊教練喊話加油

棒球韓國銅牌 美國銀牌 日本再度奪金牌

銅牌戰由韓國隊與捷克隊交手,雙方歷經兩度平手,韓國隊在7局下搶下致勝分,靠尹熙榮以147球、完投9局壓制對手,最終韓國以6:2勝出,連兩屆獲得銅牌。7局下韓國隊李國弼敲出內野安打,把捷克隊先發投手Michal Sobotka打退場,隨後張成勳在三壘有人時、擊出左外野高飛犧牲打,韓國隊再度領先 Continue reading “棒球韓國銅牌 美國銀牌 日本再度奪金牌”