Women’s soccer Canada gains her first victory, marching towards the gold medal | 中文

At the women’s soccer  this afternoon, Canada faces combat with Ireland. The women’s soccer team of Canada has the highest chance to win the gold medal, according to the prediction. Ireland tied with Mexico at the previous battle, so they have the determination of winning. The two teams scored none during the first half of the battle Until 64 minutes after the game started, the situation had changed tremendously. The Irish made a fatal mistake whish one of her players mistakenly pass the ball straight towards Gosselin Joelle, which was then positioned right next to the goal, she then grabbed tightly onto the chance and broke the goose egg, which leads the team straight towards their first victory.

The Canadians will face the Mexicans on the next game, which will be held on August 22nd local time, if they win the game, they will be marching towards the quarter-finals.

台北世大運今日(8/20)下午進行女子足球比賽,由奪金機會大的加拿大對上愛爾蘭隊。由於愛爾蘭隊前役和墨西哥隊打成平手,對此役有非贏不可的決心,面對實力堅強的加拿大隊防守得非常好,因此上半場兩隊僵持不下,未有任何分數進帳。直到開賽近64分鐘,賽情出現轉機,愛爾蘭隊一記傳球失誤竟將球不偏不倚傳給在球門前的加拿大選手(背號9號GOSSELIN Joelle),使她輕鬆把握機會射門得分,打破僵局,為球隊獲得首勝。