Athletes’ Cracked Teeth and other stories from volunteers | 外國選手看牙趣 來聽志工背後的秘辛

Until today, besides small disruptions in the opening ceremony, the Taipei Universiade has gone off without a hitch. To Taiwan, the hosting of such a large-scale event is a huge deal, and much of it is owed to the volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes. Today we are fortunate enough to invite Mr. Cheng-Chang Tsai, a volunteer, to share his experience.

Why did you decide to become a volunteer?

Firstly, I have been a volunteer for a long time for various events, from the Flower Expo to the Deaflympics. When I have a chance to serve as a volunteer, I always try my best to go. Plus, these large event opportunities are rare, so I have to do my best.

Secondly, I come from the medical profession, so I have some background knowledge in the field that I am really happy to donate to a good cause!


Did you encounter any difficulties while serving this year?

We have first aid stations in two areas: an Athletes’ Village center, and on-site competition venue first aid stations.

Interesting events often occur at the Athletes’ Village, because some foreign athletes experienced tooth cracking after consuming corn or chicken.

At the competition venues, I’ve discovered many athletes actually have preexisting injuries, so they’ll come over to get those checked out. Thankfully, so far everyone has been fine, and we haven’t met any major difficulties.


What do you think could be improved about this year’s Universiade procedures?

Actually, the whole thing is quite smooth; procedures sometimes even run ahead of schedule, so there aren’t any major issues!


What’s your favorite sporting event?

Definitely baseball!! Unfortunately, I wasn’t assigned to that sport, so I wasn’t able to watch.


Which competitive match has been the most exciting? 

Since the opening ceremony, I have served in many different venues, for basketball, diving, and am even heading to Wushu tomorrow. Because we’re usually exposed to basketball more often, I think the rarely-seen diving is the most awe-inspiring! Most Taiwanese rarely get a chance to watch divers actually perform, and I was lucky enough to be stationed right by the diving platform. It was truly breathtaking!


We never would have thought volunteers could encounter so many interesting things! While providing invaluable services, volunteers can all gain experience and internal happiness. Let’s all thank the heros who make the events possible!


Translation by Dana Chiueh

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