$1.6B of Startups Active Under AppWorks, Taiwan’s and Asia’s Top Accelerator

Through seven years of hard work, the AppWorks ecosystem has grown to have 323 active startup teams, a total of 780 startup founders, and combined annual revenue of $1.3 billion US Dollars. The is 65% more than the year before. The companies under AppWorks employ 5696 people, with a 53% growth rate. Additionally, the ecosystem has raised $432 million USD, 57% higher than the last year. All of the 320 startups combined are evaluated at over $1.6 billion USD, with a 75% growth from last year. As Asia’s largest and most successful accelerator (a.k.a incubator), the reason behind the success is surely because of the strong mentor backing and management team.

In 2017’s AppWorks Demo Day #14 and #15, over 60% of startup teams come from overseas, meaning AppWorks’ presence worldwide is emerging, as well as preparedness for the Southeast Asian market. It’s predictable that under the strength of numbers, AppWorks will have fighting power that cannot be underestimated, which in turn attracts even more quality startups to join.

經過七年的努力,Appworks 生態系的活躍(active)新創團隊已經累積到323個,共有780個創業者,總年營業額13億美金,較去年同期成長了65 %;員工總數5696,年增53%;生態系累積募資金額4.3億美金,年增57 %;全體320家企業總估值突破16億美金年增75%。作為亞洲最大的加速器或稱為孵化器,因為Appworks有個強大的業師及經營團隊,才能交出這樣漂亮的成績單。

在2017年的Appworks Demo Day#14與Appworks Demo Day#15的新創團隊中,其中已有超過60%的團體來自國際,可看出之初創投已成功進軍國際,並在大東南亞地區做好了市場準備。我們可以預期,在這龐大戰鬥團隊的群聚效應下,Appworks 未來的成長力道將不可小覷,也將會吸引更多的優質新創團隊加入。