2017 Universiade has come to an end; Athlete and Volunteer documentary start filming! | 中文 | 日文

In the blink of an eye, the 2017 Universiade has come to an end. Entrep.co plans to recapture those heartfelt moments through documentaries. In addition to our “Athlete documentary,” we have already begun our “Volunteer documentary” where we ask athletes their thoughts on the volunteers and leave a message for them.

There are still yet many interesting stories uncovered, and we need all international volunteers to share your story. Combining your point of view and our perspective, we together can create a complete record of this Universiade.

World Universiade is the most competitive international sports event. Yet while watching your favorite athletes compete on stage, have you forgotten those who’ve work silently backstage, those who’ve held the same passionate heart to hold a perfect event? While the spotlights fall on the athletes, we care equally as much for the international volunteers. Without their hard work, the 2017 Universiade wouldn’t have been the same.

From now on, if any athlete would like to share their story, please contact us and leave your message to the volunteers!

2017世大運一閃即逝,Entrep .co將透過紀錄片重溫那些感動。除了世大運「選手紀錄片」,我們已著手拍攝「志工紀錄片」,訪問選手對志工的看法並寫下一句話給志工.




2017年夏季ユニバーシアードあっという間に過ぎていく。 ENTREP.CO.はドキュメンタリーを通して、その感動をもう一度君へ。 ユニバーシアードの「選手ドキュメンタリー」以外、私たちも「ボランティアドキュメンタリー」を撮影しています。

たくさんの選手の見所まだ見られていない、だから、我々は国際ボランティアのあなたの物語を分かち合ってを必要とします。 君の視線から、私たちと一緒にこの試合を記録しましょう。