Amazing Days in Pegasus

Written by Jenny Wang – The Attached Middle School to Jiangxi Normal University

This summer, I took part in a wonderful national leadership training program called Pegasus in Chengdu. Actually, there are three summer campuses of Pegasus around China: Harvard MUN campus in Shanghai, Georgetown University MUN campus in Beijing, and the University of Chicago MUN campus in Chengdu. Pegasus provides basic MUN techniques and diverse courses like Drama, Visual Arts, and Creative Writing. I was tremendously empowered and inspired in ten-day intense cooperation and MUN conference. Thus, I would like to share some of my personal experiences with you.

The first day in Pegasus was really annoying. It was 11 p.m. when I finally arrived there and the welcoming gifts were a heavy rain plus power cut plus a bunch of mosquitoes. Feeling exhausted and upset not only because of the tough trip on my way to Pegasus, but also because of the terrible first night there. I took a really quick shower and fell asleep without much worry about the room layout. At the very beginning of Pegasus, I realized it would start a so different life. In the following ten days, the diverse courses, the young instructors, and the friendly classmates changed my mind easily and convinced me with a new nice theory—Pegasus is a place where is full of laughter, no need to worry about GPA and exams; a place where I can meet excellent and outstanding people whom I might make friends with and learn from; a place where I can explore myself always and feel encouraged to do so. Although Pegasus provided its mosquitoes a gorgeous dinner and its guests suck dinners, I hated myself when I found I still fell in love with it. Homeroom games every day made me feel totally relaxed and more familiar with everyone in my class. Feeling so ashamed thinking games are just for kids when I realized how important they are when communicating with a group of “adults” and exploring their sparks. Still feel sorry that I complained to Zero that my thought for Pegasus is just for MUN, just for awards, just for academic things before I was shocked by its charisma. Never can I imagine the power of holding a “sun” when giving a public speech; never can I imagine the difference of world when we see things through our own perception; never can I imagine the beauty of drama when we all stick together to create a “machine”; never can I imagine the joy when we formed a bloc and write DR to deal with the Public Health Policy and Disease Control as diplomatists.




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