Canada team’s welcome party: The pride of athletes|中文

Two days before the official open ceremony of 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade on August 19, team Canada arrived earlier than all other teams. On August 17, CTOT held a welcome party to show their support of all these great athletes. Also, a lot of different countries’ representatives were invited to the party.

Being the only invited journalists, we were really honored to join this great affair. This time, there are 275 athletes accompanied with over a hundred staff in team Canada. However, even with this much of people, our journalists can clearly feel their strong unity, especially when they sang their national anthem. Though we did not understand the lyrics, we still feel the athletes’ proudness for representing their own country.

During the party, every team leaders showed their strong will of helping Entrep & Co to film a documentary about international athletes and volunteers. All the members also agreed to help our team filming all those memorable moments. All of us, including the teenage journalist and team Canada, wish to capture every impressive moments in the games and everyspecial stories behind the contestants.