Canadian men’s soccer losing 5-0 against Japan|中文

The soccer game held at Fu Jen Catholic University started with a fierce competition between Team Japan and Canada. Marc Olivier Kouo Dibongue rolled twice on the ground, holding his leg, as he kicked the ball and Kai Shibato from Japan. Later on, James Connor Macmillan tried to follow the ball and tripped over the line, and unfortunately, the ball was kicked out again by his teammate Simon Pierre Kougnima.

The game had to stop for thirty minutes due to the sudden rain during the first-half. Luckily, the contestants had a chance to practice and in less than twenty minutes, the rain stopped.

Team Japan almost scored several times in the first half. The first time Kaoru Mitoma passed the ball successfully to Sachiro Toshima, but the ball hit the frame. Another time, when Hidemasa Moritat passed the ball to Ryo Germain, he missed the goal by using a flying header. But still, there are contestants who scored. Shintaro Nago from Team Japan bypassed an opponent and kicked the ball into the goal.

In the second-half, Team Japan scored easily. First, Koosha Nazemi ran down Ryo Germain from Team Japan, giving him a chance for direct free kick and got the second point for their team. Next, Sachiro Toshim drew the Canadian goalkeeper Evan Scott Barker from the goal then passed the ball to Ryo Germain, who scored the third point. Kai Shibato shot the ball quickly and successfully, giving Canadian goalkeeper Evan Scott Barker no chance to stop it. As the final whistle blew, Yasuto Wakizaka scored the fifth point and won Team Canada.

By Estella Hong

台北世大運足球比賽,今日下午四點在輔仁大學足球場展開,由日本對上加拿大。比賽一開始戰況十分激烈,加拿大隊Marc Olivier Kouo Dibongue踢球的同時,也踢到日本隊選手Kai Shibato,慌亂之中兩個球員紛紛倒地。比賽進行到一半突然下起雷雨,考慮到選手安全,比賽只好宣布暫停三十分鐘,選手們也抓緊時間練習,順便暖身。


日本隊上半場頻頻與得分擦肩而過,其中一次是日本選手Kaoru Mitoma順利傳球給Sachiro Toshima,沒想到Sachiro Toshima踢中球框而錯失得分機會;另一次則是Hidemasa Moritat以頭槌傳給Ryo Germain時,角度卻不小心偏了。所幸最後日本隊Shintaro Nago在驚險之際,繞過一個加拿大對手,即時射門才順利拿下一分。

下半場,日本隊勢氣大起。首先,加拿大隊Koosha Nazemi撞倒Ryo Germain,使Ryo Germain獲得罰球的機會,順利拿下第二分;再來,Sachiro Toshim趁加拿大隊守門員Evan Scott Barker遠離球門之際,把球傳給Ryo GermainRyo Germain順利射門獲得第三分;接下來,Kai Shibato也順利射門;最後哨聲吹響之際,由日本隊Yasuto Wakizaka拿下第五分,以五比零打敗加拿大隊,與烏拉圭並排B組第一。