Finding the Best Accelerators in Taiwan

As Taiwan grows to become a great place to start a company, potential startup founders need to look for a good place to begin finding resources and connections. Luckily, Taiwan has an abundance of that being a long time industry leader in hardware design and manufacturing, home to names like Foxconn (Apple’s manufacturing contractor), Acer, Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, and more.

However, as the competitive startup industry requires speed and explosive growth, startups often don’t have time to build the experience and find resources when focusing on delivering their product. Thus, enter the world of accelerators, companies whose sole purpose is to give startups the edge against competitors by providing them with a network of investors, mentors, and also helping with the process of starting and managing a company. Not only are there many accelerators to choose from, there are also tons of events and networking opportunities to choose from.

Now, the government is also showing efforts to nurture young companies, even cooperating with local accelerators/incubators (see: 科技部與Plug & Play合作). We’re starting an article series focused on taking a look at various accelerators and incubators in Taiwan, as well as comparing with the best of the best in Silicon Valley.

First up, is AppWorks.