Interview with WuShu team USA – determination and passion | 中文

Taipei Summer Universiade WuShu events are going to start on the 26th. However, regarding the upcoming competition, US WuShu team does not seem nervous; instead, all of the members are willingly to chat and share their own experiences and feelings with our journalists.

With an average age of twenty years old, these athletes, different from other students, sacrifice their own leisure time to face all the tiring and challenging trainings while all other students are studying, interning, or enjoying their time with friends. However, even though they utilize most of their time practicing, these athletes did not quit studying. In fact, because of the frequent trainings, they learned to manage their time, making competitive in both WuShu events and schools. Jessica Yin is accepted to MIT; Madison Baker is studying in Dentistry; Paris Moran is major in Marketing while also working in a part-time job. According to the athletes, practicing in WuShu helped them learn to participate in all their activities, including athletic and academic.

Besides their well trained techniques and affable personality, another thing to highlight is their passion towards WuShu. According to Jessica Yin, she has started to learn WuShu since six, meaning that she has been participating in WuShu for about twelve years. When our journalist asked if she ever wanted to quit WuShu, Jessica admit that there do have sometimes when she felt so exhausted that she wanted to stop” however,” she said with a smile on her face, ” I do not like the feelings of giving up, so I told myself not to quit.” This determination in her makes her outstanding and leaves our journalist a great impression. Indubitably, all other team members are also determined and hardworking; thus, the U.S team surely a strong companion towards other teams in the WuShu events.

In addition to their sharing of their impressive abilities and strong determination, the U.S WuShu team want to thank all the volunteers in the Universiade. Also, according to them, “Taiwanese people are really nice and everywhere seems so energetic. We really like this place.”

United States Wushu national team is able to participate in 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade due to Tiger Claw’s sponsorship. In United States, Tiger Claw is specialized in martial art safety equipment and supplies. Furthermore, they introduced the Kung Fu Magazine to United States, bring knowledge and insight to martial arts fans everywhere. Every other weeks, the Kung Fu Magazine will update recent news and articles on their website. You may be able to check out their website below.


這群平均年齡大約20歲的同學,因為擁有運動員身分,有時會讓人遺忘他們的年紀。當大部分的大學生在上課、打工、和朋友出去玩的同時,選手們必須在日復一日的練習中度過,被迫提早成熟。值得注意的是,他們並沒有因為練習武術而荒廢學業,而是學著管理好自己的時間,Jessica Yin是MIT的學生,Madison Baker則在牙醫系就讀,Paris Moran主修行銷,每天除了練散打和上學之外還打工賺錢。他們表示學習武術可以讓人專心,提高效率。

除了他們純熟的武術技巧及親切和善的人格特質,另一個值得關注地方的是他們對武術的熱情。Jessica Yin告訴我們她從六歲開始習武到現在已經十二年了,而當我我們問到她是否曾經想過要放棄,她承認有時的確會感到精疲力盡,想要停止,但她又很開朗的笑說:「我不喜歡放棄的感覺,所以我告訴自己不能放棄。」這樣的決心與堅持使她不論在學業或是武術上都有卓越的表現,也讓我們留下深刻的印象。其他的成員們也都下了十足的功夫,因此,毋庸置疑,美國武術隊對於其他隊伍來說是個勁敵。