Korea’s Kang Chaeyoung will snatch gold for Archery|中文

Kang Chaeyoung(姜彩榮), a South Korean player, will snatch gold


Archery has always been a popular sport within the FISU sports program. Hence, one of the reasons it will become a compulsory Universiade sport from 2019 onwards.


It is no secret that the Korean archers are some of the best in the world. Now it seems the Korean archers might continue this tradition

Taipei World Grand Canal archery final battle has been identified players, South Korea will join the Anti-bow (反曲弓) in five gold medal war.

Kang Chaeyoung(姜彩榮), a South Korean player, will compete with Taiwanese Tan Ya-ting(譚雅婷).


It’s surprising that the world’s first ranked Kim Youzhen(金優鎮) and break the record of the General Assembly both Cui Meishan (崔美善) out unexpectedly. 


Translation by YutTingTsai


射箭一直是FISU運動項目中的受歡迎的運動,而韓國弓箭手是世界上最好的球員。現在看來,韓國弓箭手可能會繼續這種傳統。此次臺北世大運射箭賽大勢底定,反曲弓五場金牌戰韓國都不缺席,韓國選手姜彩榮(Kang Chaeyoung)將與台灣選手譚雅婷(Tan Ya-ting)爭金。




2017韓國隊姜彩榮(Kang Chaeyoung)中 射進女子反曲弓團體賽金牌戰(圖 世大運提供)