Lithuania athlete Ieva Zarankaite thanks Universiade volunteers and host | 中文

“Volunteers and the host are very working hard people, they are trying so hard that even if you don’t need help, they would still come and ask you…to help you and support…they are doing a really good job…”


A great athlete from Lithuania,Ieva Zarankaite, expressed her thank towards all the local and international volunteers and the host- Taiwan.


Zarankaite started her athletic life at six when she first started with swimming; however, because her mother was “a discus thrower,” Zarankaite later switched to track and field in order to “break (her) mother’s record”. 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade is her first international competition and her last competition in this season.


Being new to Taiwan, Zarankaite, like all other athletes, is a little unused to the hot and humid climate in Taiwan. However, she said that she actually love this place because Taiwan is ” green and beautiful.” Also, Zarankaite showed her strong love towards Taiwanese people for they are always “nice” and would ask her if she need any help at all time.


Zarankaite is definitely a new star rising in the completion of track and field. With her passion towards sport, which started since six, Zarankaite is highly expected to get a gold medal to show her mother that she has already broken “her record.”

Besides her thank and love of Taiwanese people, Zarankaite also expressed her thank towards all the international volunteers ,who worked hard regardless of fame or wealth, who decided to join because of their passion towards sports, who are always not seen by others but are always intrigue to every game and team.

According to Zarankaite , these volunteers were really kind and nice- they would always ask athletes if they need help in order to help these athletes to stay in their best situation when competing in different games. Because of these volunteers, who were not recognized by the public, who do not receive any rewards for great performance, who would soon become normal people after Taipei Summer Universiade is over, the events and games could be successfully carried out and the athletes could be well cared and supported. It is undoubted to say that because of this group of no named heroes, the universiade could be successful and memorable.

Chinese translation by Joanna Lin



Zarankaite從六歲開始游泳,踏上了運動選手的旅程。但因為媽媽是鐵餅選手,Zarankaite後來投身田徑,試圖打破媽媽的紀錄。2017 台北世大運是她的第一場國際賽事也是她這一季最後一場比賽。


Zarankaite 是田徑賽事的新星,秉持著從小培養的高度熱忱,Zaranka 贏得一面金牌的機會極高,這樣一來她就「打敗媽媽的紀錄」了!


Zarankaite說這些志工都很親切-不斷詢問運動員有沒有什麼需要的,幫助選手們保持最佳狀況 ,多虧這些默默做事、沒有領獎、賽事後就成為正常平民的無名英雄,今年世大運才能如此順利的舉行。