MOFILY, maker of the world’s smallest waterproof action cam | 全世界最小的防水相機

Everybody has probably seen or heard of GoPro, the company that built a huge ecosystem and cult following of sports film-making gear. Many viral videos of extreme sports have further fueled the demand for more action cameras, especially since GoPro’s aren’t exactly cheap. Even more so as VR and 360 videos become more popular. 

MOFILY, founded in 2014, has already released what they claim is the world’s smallest waterproof wearable camera YoCam. They also have a charging dock for the new USB C Macbook Pro.

This year at AppWorks Demo Day 14 MOFILY announced a new 360º camera (not on their website yet). Features include better image stitching for the two 4k 180º images, wireless streaming (high compression available for slow connections), and high mobility. 

It seems MOFILY is once again aiming for a low price (~<$200 USD), which would place them well under the price needed to achieve full 360º with GoPro (often over $1000 for multiple cameras) or Kodak (~$400). This makes it very competitive if they can deliver on a product at the promised quality. 

每個人應該都見過或聽說過GoPro,該公司構建了一個巨大的生態系統,且崇尚運動製片設備。許多流傳的極限運動影片進一步推動了對更多動作相機的需求,特別是因為 GoPro 的價格並不算便宜。 VR和360度的影片越來越受歡迎。

MOFILY 成立於2014年,已發布他們聲稱是世界上最小的防水穿戴式相機 YoCam。他們還有一個新的USB C Macbook Pro的充電底座。

在今年的 AppWorks Demo Day 第十四屆,MOFILY宣布推出全新的360度相機(尚未在其網站上)。功能包括兩張 4k180º 圖像的更好的圖像拼接,無線流(高速壓縮可用於慢速連接)和高移動性。

看來MOFILY再次瞄準低價格(〜<$ 200 美元),這將使他們的價格達到完全 360º 相機與 GoPro(多台相機通常超過1000美元)或柯達相機(約$ 400美元)所需的價格。如果他交付他所承諾品質的產品,這使他有很大的競爭性。



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