My Summertime in Russia


16届19班 孙雨琪

Beatrice Sun

Before the final exam, our moms had already booked us round-trip tickets from China to Russia with a package tour. For what? On the one hand to celebrate our graduation – which I have dreamed of for days and nights – on the other hand, to broaden our horizons.

I had not been able to travel such long a distance before, so I was excited about it. With the person who had another travel experience with me three years ago. I could well remember the nights when we hold on nights together walking along with our particular hair styles caught bystander’s eyes.

Here we go, everyone, was being well prepared to drag their baggage and met in the airport. We took the flight and eventually landed in the biggest international Airport in Moscow.

Well then… I saw the narrowest bed I have had ever seen that is Russia’s beds. They are too small for an adult even for a teenager to sleep in. And you always have to concern about whether lean to another side let you fall over the bed. It is recognized that Russian prefer to sleep on their stomach or something else. This why they built their bed small.

Of course, you nation need to leave a marvelous expression on we tourists’ mind, however, you need to keep up with trend all right? See how your neighbor China do with.

Fortunately, I am the one who can be easily ignored in their sights. So you know what I mean… In this world, I am short, the bed fits me well.

In Russia, only a small number of people have mastered English as you can imagine

Language block becomes a deep valley between we tour and local people.


We drew in the violently as if the international using language could show its magic. It was proof it really worked out at an end.

One night we tried local pizza and BBQ. Only when I lay in the hotel’s bed did I realized that I had lost my phone. Bad things happened to me in a row.

Rushing towards the restaurant. The question was, I did not know what the employer was talking about, knowing the story she burst into excitement, dialed her clerks, headed up towards the window, made an effort to raise her determined voice. She even caught my eyes as a dying patient, dragged me with tons of force, pointed at the camera as if it is the thief.

One great thing I have to tell you is that we finally find it.

Where? Just under that thick brown menu. The phone’s screen was without any fingertips thus as clean as it used to. I jumped up and down in excitement and shouted out “I FOUND IT!” with happiness flowing off my face.

In order to appreciate their innocent reactions, I preferred to present some fee. Sadly, my coins were packed in my jacket which were sleeping on the sheet silently. We felt sorry for her and said goodbye.

The moment I closed the wooden door, my heart heated up. Along the way, I was surrounded within a beating kind heart.


A heart what we need the most. To treat others, not with doubt and benefit, for always standing on others’ points of view to experience their colorful emotions.




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