React with ReCactus, the Instagram of reaction videos | ”反應“片中的IG

A few years back, the FineBrothers started making “Reaction videos”, they became a viral sensation. Many Youtubers started following suit, creating videos with reactions of all kinds for all kinds of things (a funny video, a controversial topic, etc.). Everybody wants to make them, but the process of making a Youtube reaction video is complicated. The steps require you to download Youtube videos illegally and know how to edit videos on your computer. 

ReCactus is a social media platform that simplifies the process. Using your phone, simply search up videos in their app and start watching/reacting. The selfie camera records you as you watch the video. Afterward, you can share your reaction and even have friends react with you. 

CEO and Co-founder Bernard Tan is an international award-winning art director, and he’s worked on many different design teams such as Apple’s Apple Watch team, Audi, Intel, etc. He believes this is the solution not only for users wanting to leave a presence on their favorite videos, but also a way for creators and advertisers to know just how exactly their videos are received. The company is developing facial expression recognition tools for their next release.

I think this is an opportunity to create a more intimate form of commentary for videos, something even Youtube hasn’t gotten right with the mess that is Google+. This platform has potential to be a major part of our social media habits. Instead of “liking” or typing a comment, why don’t we react like humans do? 

ReCactus has already gotten a few thousand downloads during the first week of release. 



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