Columbia, South Korea, and Taiwan fight for Gold of Rollerblading | 中文

The male 500m roller blading competition has ended, with the top three being delegates from Columbia, South Korea, and Chinese Taipei. During the event, all delegates were in fierce competition. The last three players even crossed the finish line at the same time.

The intensity of the previous games has increased anticipation for the finals tonight — with players including two delegates from Columbia, and one delegate from both South Korea and Chinese Taipei. However, Yu-Ling Huang from the Chinese Taipei team was disqualified for the finals due to her hand movements during the competition being bad sportsmanship, leaving only three players in the rink to grab the gold.
今日(8/23)滑輪溜冰男子組500公尺爭先賽的複賽已於上午結束,兩組競賽中的前三名選手皆為哥倫比亞、韓國、中華臺北的選手。 短短兩圈半的賽程內,選手們不斷互相超前、卡位,最後三名選手幾乎同時壓線,以肉眼無法判斷結果,複賽戰況已如此激烈,讓人相當期待今晚的決賽! 進入決賽的共有四人,分別是兩位哥倫比亞的選手,韓國、中華臺北的選手各一位。 其中,中華臺北隊的黃玉霖在靠近終點線時,手部動作被裁判判決違反運動道德,因此失格,無緣決賽,成為此賽最大話題。