Snapchat on your face.

Snapchat’s hip new Spectacles lets you take (non-selfie) snaps without taking out your phone! A camera embedded in this new device’s frame lets you take 10 second videos, all while looking stylish and colorful.

This fun gadget is the latest product from Snap Inc. (formerly Snapchat), and they are found at special locations in special vending machines, Snapbots. The Spectacles are a limited-edition run from Snap Inc, but for now it doesn’t seem they’ll go away any soon.


I’m interested in seeing (I bet Snap Inc, too) what users will focus on when users can unobtrusively take short videos using these sunglasses. User analytics aside, this has turned out to be a great marketing stunt for both Snapchat and the Spectacles themselves. The hype and random popup Snapbot/Spectacles locations means people are on the lookout for when they appear.

The video Spectacles output allows fullscreen view on devices in any orientation. It is also a clever way for them to make sure the Spectacles camera is used only on their platform.

It’s just too bad Google Glass didn’t do so well. The combination of awkward frames and some privacy issues led it’s ultimate failure with consumers. Although some enterprises are supporting their use, Microsoft’s HoloLens are likely to meet the augmented reality demands much better.



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