Unexpected Career in Water Polo – Athlete of Canada, Emma Wright

Emma Wright, one of the Canada National team athlete, is participating in Taipei 2017 Universiade as women water polo athlete. Emma Wright had an impressive junior international career. From 2010, Emma Wright participate as a member of Canada’s National Team Program, competing in international events including FINA World Championships, Pan American Games, Super World League Finals and FINA Junior World Championships among others. Moreover, she won five-time Ontario Provincial MVP, and a gold medal at 2013 Pan American Junior Championship.

Emma Wright was being inspired by her siblings, Claire Wright and Rebecca Wright. Both of her sisters are participating in Canada’s National team of women water polo, showing great enthusiasm in the international competition as well. Emma Wright started to play water polo since she was 9 years old. Emma couldn’t stay at home alone while her mother and other siblings were practicing water polo every night in Toronto. Therefore, she started to play water polo along with her siblings, starting her water polo career.

During her junior career, she performed well and join UC Berkeley’s women water polo team in 2015, playing as the driver in the water polo team. Starting from 2011, Emma Wright participated in different international affairs, won 9th place in junior FINA World Championship. Later on in 2014, Emma Wright won a silver place for youth FINA World Championship and a bronze for junior Pan American Championships. In 2015, Emma Wright and her teammate won silver for Toronto’s Olympic and Pan American Games. Last but not least, the current Canada’s women water polo national team won the 4th place in 2017 World Aquatics Championship. Hopefully, in Taipei 2017 Universiade, we could see Emma Wright’s impressive performance from August 18th till the Final in August 29th.