W-Media: The Story I Would Tell My Grandchild

By Katrina Lee, The Founder of W-Media
The Attached Middle School to Jiangxi Normal University
& Boston University

Walking down the street, I suddenly have something cross my mind. I do not know why, but I feel that I am back in high school, when I was the founder and the president of W-Media. W-Media, the name my colleagues and I came up with in thirty minutes, which has been staying with me for four years, and it would be the name which my grandchild know. It is a “media” club. As we call it “media,” we do everything related to mass communication. We founded the first province-wide student newspaper; we promote charity and environmental protection; we hold activities such as writing contest and debate competition. I am more than proud of what the W-Media has done. It does not only benefit the community but many individuals who are involved in it.


Because of W-Media, I decided to pursue a bachelor degree in mass communication. One year in the university makes me more insistent and passionate in my major, and it keeps telling me how wise I am to choose to be in media.


I remember the first time we did the live report for school’s sports meeting. I was nervous as I did not do anything like that before. Though there were many tiny flaws in the activity, overall, it was great. We received compliments from school faculties and students. However, we tried to focus on things we did wrong. Every time after an activity, we listed things we can improve in the future, not what we have accomplished. Because of this, we did better and better.


I remember the first time we proposed to hold an auction for charity at the New Year’s Party in the school. We were inexperienced. The advisor said that we could only do it if it is excellent. Two days before it, we rehearsed in front of the advisor, and he said no without hesitation. Then, my colleagues and I stayed up till four for two nights to fix all the problems pointed out by the advisor. Finally, we made it. More than that, it becomes an annual event in the school.

I remember when I tried to learn the Photoshop and video editing software to make our posters stand out and to produce videos for our activities. I had difficulties, but I was sophisticated in them when I graduate from high school. I taught what I learned to other members in W-Media. We all learned from each other. When I am at the university, I started to realize how much I have learned. The experiences and skills I had are helpful in coursework, clubs, and getting an internship.


Many of the members who were in W-Media now talk about how much they miss the time when we work together, and how W-Media has helped them. I cannot describe how grateful I am when I see W-Media impact some people. For us, W-Media is beyond a club. It is a school, a challenging field, a creative paradise, the inspiration, a guide for future, and the most important, a family.



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