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Benson Lin是來自美國加州太平洋大學(University of the Pacific)的學生,興趣是玩音樂和下圍棋,外表看似平凡的大男孩,其實他還有另一個身分:美國武術隊的成員之一,也即將在8月份來到台北參加世大運。從小接觸這項運動的他,曾參與過多項比賽,不只代表美國隊參加2014和2016年的一、二屆世界太極拳錦標賽(World Taijiquan Championships),更在2016年的Pan American Wushu Championships奪得金牌。

對於這項大眾不太了解的運動競賽,他表示接觸武術的契機是想要讓身體變得健康,原本只是當成娛樂,沒想到一練就超過8年。有天在youtube上看到太極拳美少女范嫚紜(Manyun Fan)的表演,赫然發現,太極拳不只是老人家的專利,而是一種美麗、優雅、和諧的藝術,從此,便燃起了對太極拳的熱情。

作為一位武術選手,Benson Lin認為耐心、批判性思考和體力同樣重要,不僅要配合音樂完成動作,更要去思考每個動作背後深刻的意義。同時,還得忍受肌肉痠痛和不斷冒出的汗水,可說是一項非常困難的運動。

武術不只替他帶來一面面耀眼的獎牌,更令他領悟「台上一分鐘,台下十年工」的道理,他說他的夢想是回到父母的故鄉-台灣參加比賽,為了達成這個夢想,過去5年他不斷苦練,終於,得以進入這個高手雲集的殿堂,相信Benson Lin一定會拿出他訓練的成果,展現出最棒的表演,給評審和觀眾一場視覺的饗宴。


圖片提供:Wushu Team USA

撰文:中國醫藥大學醫學系 卓玟秀

Benson Lin, a student from the University of the Pacific in the United States, with hobbies playing music and chess, and looks like the average boy, has another identity: member of the American Wushu Team. He will soon come to Taipei in August to participate in the 2017 Taipei Universiade. Being involved in this sport since a youthful age, he’s competed in many competitions not only on behalf of the US team in 2014 and 2016 in the first and second World Taijiquan Championships (World Taijiquan Championships) but also in the 2016 Pan American Wushu Championships where he won the gold medal.

To the public that doesn’t understand this sports competition, he says the reason he began practicing wushu was to increase his physical health, and he took it as entertainment, with no idea that he would train for more than 8 years. Ever since seeing the breathtaking performance by Taijiquan girl Fan Fan (Manyun Fan), he found that Tai Chi is not only the trademark of elderly activities, but a beautiful, elegant, and harmonious art. Since then, it ignited his enthusiasm for Tai Chi.

As a martial arts player, Benson Lin thinks that patience, critical thinking, and physical strength are equally important, not only to match the movements to the beat of the soundtrack but also to think about the profound meaning behind each action. At the same time, enduring muscle soreness and unstoppable sweat; it can be said to be a very difficult sport.
Wushu not only brought glorious medals but also made him understand the “one minute of performance on stage, ten years of hard work off stage” philosophy. In order to achieve this dream of returning to their parents’ hometown in Taiwan to participate in the games, over the past five years he continued to practice, and finally, to enter the stage of all masters. I believe Benson Lin will show us his training results, and give the best performances to the judges’ and the audiences’ visual feast.

Author: Zhuo Wenxiu, Department of Medicine, China University of Medical Sciences