Wushu USA Team formed for 2017 Universiade in Taipei

Written by guest writer Chi-hsiu D Weng, PhD

American University Wushu (武術: martial arts) and Sanda (散打: freeform) tryouts were held successfully by Coach and Professor Guoxuan of the University of California Berkeley Wushu and Doctor Jonny Oh of the University of East-West Medicine and San Jose State University. Under their strong support, the Universiade Wushu USA Team athletes were chosen.

For the first time, Wushu has been listed as an event in the Universiade, which will be hosted in Taipei in August. The Wushu USA Team was openly selected by two national scale tryouts in Berkeley during the event of 25th Chinese Martial Art Tournament at UC Berkeley and in Lubbock Texas at United Martial Arts Academy.

For the Taolu part of the Wushu competition, 4 out of 16 Wushu Taolu (套路: style/form) candidates were selected; two from the East Coast and two from the West Coast. For the Sanda (Sashou; 散手: freeform) part of Wushu, five male and two female athletes participated in the tryout event. Three males and one female were selected. The Committee of USA Team Selection was chaired by Bryant Fong of the University of California Berkeley and assisted by Dr. Chi-hsiu D. Weng of the University of East-West Medicine (UEWM).

One faculty, Dr. Timothy Tin of UEWM, was accepted by the International University Sports Federation (Fédération Internationale du Sport Universitaire, FISU) to present his thesis: The effect of Cardio Tai Chi on Cardio-respiratory Fitness (a pilot Study). The thesis will be presented at the FISU Scientific Congress during the period of the Universiade. Dr. Tin was recently awarded a Master’s degree of Science in Tai Chi from UEWM.

Wushu USA Team will be led by Jonny Oh and Bryant Fong, with two coaches Yunjian Zou and Ian Li leading the Taolu and Sanda respectively. Wushu USA TEAM is looking for an exciting and glorious turnout by this delegation’s collected efforts. Good luck to Wushu USA Team for the 2017 Universiade in Taipei!




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